Caleb, the first thiing any real Republican has to do is figure out whiich Republican Party they belong to, unfortunately. McConnell and McCarthy are the enemy. Now, I understand that getting Herschal over the line is impportant but these two are working against you whiich I bellieve makes it almost imppossible for him to win because the spare ballots have already been printed and the plan for voting machines worked out.

If, by a miracle, Herschal wins, getting those two oout must be the first priority and President Trump back in...

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Nov 28, 2022Liked by Caleb Scott

Enemies now? They’ve always been. I tend to believe MTG that Kevin is, unfortunately, our best option for Speaker now. She contends their are some in the Republican delegation who will vote Democrat before they’ll vote for, say, Jordan for Speaker. I hate this situation. And I hope MTG is proven wrong on this issue. We’ll see how it plays out,

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This is how it is going to end unless American men in particular don't grow some balls. "Couldn't happen in America?" It happening in Canada and Australia. There are no good cops left because they've not spoken out. No good soldiers left for the same reason. No good FBI agents and wait till the IRS get those 84,000.

Remember Cuba, 2020. Young men and women took to the streets in protest and were beaten up by the police that their grandparents and parents voted for...Many lost their lives wanting the freedom that American are pissing away.

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