Let Not Your Hearts Grow Weary

America is facing a once in a lifetime constitutional crisis.

Evidence of fraud, deception, and lawlessness continue to surface.

President Trump has maintained a Twitter presence, but has been very reserved, despite the evil plots he faces.

This is a well coordinated, doomsday scenario attack on our Republic.

The media, the DNC, tech companies, voting machine companies, and even elements within the “GOP” have aligned to take power back from the American People.

This is an attack on free people around the world. Just look at the way the “Build Back Better” branding shows up again and again.

Our enemies are well funded, well coordinated, and willing to do ANYTHING to win.

Their goal is to discourage us. To isolate us. To make us feel helpless and alone.

Don’t give in. Don’t ever give in.

Your positive energy kills their spirits.

Your commitment to the fight, no matter the odds, gives them pause.

No matter what they say, there are MORE OF US than them.

President Trump won in a landslide. His team of attorneys say they will prove it.

While we’re on the subject it’s important to note that President Trump’s choice in legal team sends important signals to the world.

These are MAGA loyalists. Pure MAGA warriors that are willing to fight to the bloody end. Rudy Giuliani. Joseph diGenova. Victoria Toensing. Sidney Powell. Jenna Ellis. All patriots willing to take on the most corrupt, evil forces.

They refuse to be intimidated.

Listen to Sidney Powell promise to “release the kraken”

As we head into Thanksgiving, know that this battle is far from over.

Rest, be thankful, and be most importantly, be recharged.

Don’t let them bring you down. Know there a millions of patriots fighting beside you, always. No matter what happens, we will keep fighting. January 2021 isn’t the end, but the beginning.

This is our country and we will never let it fall.